The Road to the MVP and What Comes After

15.07.20 7:50
3 min read

We’re working hard on the alpha version of Zerops, which we’d like to introduce ASAP. Here's what we have planned for it and a bit about the future.

We’re working hard on the alpha version of Zerops, which we’d like to introduce as soon as possible. Exclusive access will be granted to the hundreds of you who showed interest in testing it. We’ve managed to allocate much more development capacity to Zerops and accelerate everything, as a result, to ensure that the alpha version will be up and running ASAP.

Simplicity above All

The main added value of Zerops is the total automation of DevOps operations for applications based on microservices. Our mission is to ensure the platform’s simplicity of use for developers and we adapt everything to fit that goal. We aim to provide a dynamic, fully automated, and maximally simple infrastructure for the user, for which it isn’t necessary to adjust the application.

It is essential that developers can go ahead and start using Zerops right away without having to consult with cloud solution architects, read endless manuals, and dig for best practice guides from other clients. Advanced autoscaling and autotuning will already be a part of the first public version of Zerops. Among other things, this will help developers with optimal sizing settings without unnecessary allocation of too many resources. There will also be no need to fit into ready-made tariffs: the performance options and resource ratios will be fully adjustable.

The main tool for Zerops control will be, next to the API, the Zerops CLI (ZCLI). The ZCLI will be very intuitive and will include an integrated implementation of secure access into the internal server stack network of the given application allowing for, among other things, “local” work with each server stack. Managerial statistics, information about the operation of each service, and much more will be integrated into the Zerops web interface.

Features in the Making

While we’re now mainly focused on getting the alpha version ready, we think ahead and are already planning our next development priorities and new features.

In line with our efforts to maximally simplify the use of Zerops for developers will be integration with tools such as GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab. We want to make the developers’ lives easier when they’re implementing CI/CD. That will be one of our main priorities after launching the first version of Zerops.

We also have a number of other features on our wishlist that developers will appreciate in day to day operations.

Here are a few examples:

  • a simple, downtime-free migration to a new database major version
  • data restore from any time of your choosing directly into production or development
  • integration of our own CDN network (which we’re already using for vshosting~)
  • advanced application monitoring
  • Slack integration
  • and many other features

Other things on our feature wishlist include the integration of advanced logging of the entire infrastructure into a prepared dedicated ELK stack. In the future, we also plan to introduce a Zerops serverless service featuring many significant innovations.

Incoming GUI Improvements

The web part of Zerops will feature detailed statistics of spend including trends of resource utilization with an optional marking of events. That will allow for e.g. monitoring the cost trend in the cloud after the latest deploy etc.