Senior Frontend Engineer

Development, maintenance, and testing of internal core libraries and monorepo infrastructure.

dev stack & technologies

TypeScript Nx Cypress Jest D3.js NgRx RxJS Angular Node.js Sentry normalizr

We’re packing extremely complex processes into a neat interface with a native feel. The challenge is to make it so that even a complete beginner can use the service. That’s what I love.

Aleš Rechtorík
Senior Frontend Developer & UX Designer at Zerops

I like how quickly we are able to react to new challenges, despite the size of the project. I also appreciate the variety of tasks. From the high-level design of a GRPC API, through VPN tunnels, to setting up firewall Nftables.

Honza Hájek
Senior Backend Developer at Zerops

I started working on Zerops when it was in the idea stage. Since then, we have gone through a lot of dead ends both in infrastructure and development. Thanks to that I learned about things I didn't even know existed.

Honza Saidl
Senior Backend & Infrastructure Developer at Zerops

I was used to networks and the Internet working as if by themselves. Thanks to Zerops, I’m getting more into the complex details of these services. I enjoy looking for solutions that drastically simplify things for users.

Martin Sládek
Analysis Lead at Zerops