Zerops builds, deploys and runs your code, then intelligently scales, manages and fine-tunes the infrastructure, so you can just focus on development

Angular GUI with Node.js server with SSR, Strapi CMS for backend, with MongoDB and Golang API bridge to cache and publish project info.

zerops-web stage
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Follow our journey
towards v1.0.0

We are currently in the private alpha phase with production release planned for the first quarter of 2021.
That’s when you’ll see the fireworks.

The Road to the MVP and What Comes After

15.07.20 7:50

We’re working hard on the alpha version of Zerops, which we’d like to introduce ASAP. Here's what we have planned for it and a bit about the future.

Strategic Decision for Developing our Own International Infrastructure

15.07.20 7:50

A sneak peek into our internal strategic decision-making process: why we decided to do things the hard way and build our own infrastructure.

MySQL in Zerops — Benefits and Comparison with Other Providers

15.07.20 7:52

Diving into the most important differences in running MariaDB in Zerops compared to traditional cloud providers.

Come work with us,
across the finish line
and beyond

  • Funded and stable project, here to stay
  • Computer and accessory of your choice
  • 20-person autonomous development team
  • Agile processes, home office friendly
  • Offices in Prague, Holešovice district

Understand how the entire Zerops infrastructure works and be the bridge between backend and infra.

WireGuard IPVS Nginx Nftables MariaDB MaxScale ElasticSearch Redis Node.js GoLang PHP VXLan LXC LXD

Development, maintenance, and testing of internal core libraries and monorepo infrastructure.

TypeScript Nx Cypress Jest D3.js NgRx RxJS Angular Node.js Sentry normalizr

We use Go, what you've used till now doesn't matter. We'll teach you and you're going to love it.

ElasticSearch GoLang Redis RabbitMQ MariaDB Nginx WireGuard

Get to know our customers, manage the knowledge base as well as the community.

Knowledge base Productboard Discord Twitter Intercom

We’re packing extremely complex processes into a neat interface with a native feel. The challenge is to make it so that even a complete beginner can use the service. That’s what I love.

Aleš Rechtorík
Senior Frontend Developer & UX Designer at Zerops

I like how quickly we are able to react to new challenges, despite the size of the project. I also appreciate the variety of tasks. From the high-level design of a GRPC API, through VPN tunnels, to setting up firewall Nftables.

Honza Hájek
Senior Backend Developer at Zerops

I started working on Zerops when it was in the idea stage. Since then, we have gone through a lot of dead ends both in infrastructure and development. Thanks to that I learned about things I didn't even know existed.

Honza Saidl
Senior Backend & Infrastructure Developer at Zerops

I was used to networks and the Internet working as if by themselves. Thanks to Zerops, I’m getting more into the complex details of these services. I enjoy looking for solutions that drastically simplify things for users.

Martin Sládek
Analysis Lead at Zerops

Developed by one of the biggest providers of managed services in central Europe. 14 years of experience, managing over 10k servers in our own Tier III data center.